Blackjack Basic Strategy:Small Secrets of a Game

It is necessary and important to remember that the result of your blackjack game depends not only on your good luck, but also on the game strategy. The most important thing in the game is your choice, and following our basic strategy advices you can win more often.

Blackjack Basic Strategy is a set of rules, which were thoroughly ranged by analysts to simplify the process of a game. The strategy gives recommendations when to split, stand, double down, surrender and how to play with different combinations of cards with best outcome for the player.

The History of Blackjack Basic Strategy

Edward Thorp was the first person who used a computer for gambling purposes. He described his investigations in his famous book "Beat the Dealer". In this book first blackjack strategy was described and develops till nowadays; also, this book is believed to be the first one which described such blackjack technique as card counting.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

  • You can hit any hand with 11 or less points without going bust. Sometimes these hands can be split or doubled down.
  • An Ace can be counted as 1 or 11 and you may change its value during a game.
  • Don't hit a 17-value hand or greater. The exception is "soft 17", which includes an 11-valued Ace.
  • Hit everything below 12.
  • Stand on each hand above 16.
  • You must hit hands from 12 to 16 if the dealer's hand is between 7 and Ace (11).
  • You must stand hands from 12 to 16 if the dealer's hand is below 7.
  • In combinations of an Ace but no 10-value card it's better to hit on soft total 17, double if total soft is 17 or less and the croupier has 4,5 or stand with soft 19 or 20.
  • Double down on 11.
  • If a player has 10 he/she should double down if the croupier has 2 to9.
  • Never double down if you hand value is less than 8.
  • Never split 4-s, 5-s and 10-value cards.
  • Always split 8-s and Aces.

Hope this blackjack basic strategy will help you while playing and will increase your winning chances.