Rules and Definitions

The soft hand includes the ace and the cards are equal or less than eleven. The ace could be counted as either 1 or 11. Any hand where the ace can be counted as 11 is considered as a soft hand. If for example, in a soft 17, that hand could be made up of an ace and a number 6.

The hard hand on the other hand does not have any ace. Taking off from the sample before, on a hard 17, this could be equal to a number 10 and a number 7. The hard hand could also have an ace but this is if the total of the hand is more than or equal to 11.

Soft 17: when the house hits

The players utilize various strategies and techniques for blackjack using the house rules. In many casinos, a dealer must hit or take a card if he has soft 17. The rule intensifies the edge of the house in the game. Many casinos feature this kind of rule. This rule also lets the dealer to better his soft 17 than to weaken the hand and let the other players take advantage of the game.

Soft 17: the house rules

One of the important things to remember in blackjack is that players have edge on the game when the dealer stands on the hard and soft 17. in a regular game, the soft is prone to losing to a hand with a blackjack. The dealer needs to give up on the chances of improving the hand and the players can take advantage of the situation. The dealer is not allowed on playing certain hands of blackjack as the player will not have restraint.

The Essential Blackjack Strategy

There are no set of tips in this game if you do not mention the basic blackjack strategy. Some of the best books for blackjack would often include some graphs and charts on playing the soft hands. The player should stand if he has soft 19 and 20 and if he has 17 or lower, hit. You can double down if the card of the dealer is below 6.