Starting Point: How to Learn Blackjack Online Count

Card counting is a way of tracking the correlation between high-valued cards (good variants for players) and low-valued cards (good for the croupier). Our site is a starting point for novices lo learn how to count cards in blackjack online. Card counting gives an opportunity to get know where are high or low cards and make a game more profitable for players.

MIT Team is believed to be among the best card counters in the blackjack history.

Card Counting History

First counting systems appeared in 1950's. They weren't very popular among players until Thorp's book "Beat the Dealer" was published. The American mathematics professor explained and proved that it is possible to smart player to beat a dealer and have an advantage over the house in blackjack.

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Card Counting Basic Strategy

1. The most important thing in card counting is mastering the Basic Strategy. It is very easy as you can find it on each internet site concerning blackjack game. All players' decisions must be automatic and reflexive, so it is significant to understand the strategy. You should devote studying them about 20 hours to be ready for the next stage in counting cards.

2. Choose one of the counting systems. Don't select easy systems as they are not quite effective.

3. Try to keep an accurate count. Don't distract on casino staff. You'll be interrupted by slot machines, waitresses, dealers, but don't pay much attention to this. It is to practice counting cards at home with radio and TV switched on and family members talking the same time.

4. It is a required necessity to talk with croupier and other players during a game. Behave yourself loose - turn around, carry on the conversation.

5. Try to look like the other players at the table. Use the technique of "mirror reflection" - study them, inherit the style of their play, their conversation and body language, try to talk as they do.

6. Watch your wager range. Don't jump too quickly from low bets to high not to attract unnecessary attention. Try to limit the spreads.

Don't be afraid of different counting systems and variations. They are usually simple as adding and subtracting the 1.

Remember! Blackjack counters never try to memorize cards in the shoe - it is impossible to remember all of them.