You play blackjack using one or more decks consisting of 52 cards each. The value of each card depends on the face value of the numbers. For the king, jack and queen, the values are all 10. The ace has a dual value of either 1 or 11.

The objective of a player is to get a value of 21 on their hand or anywhere close to that value. One should not go over the cards of the dealer.

Two-card total

The two-card total of 21 is the best card of all and this is what we call as blackjack. The blackjack has a higher value compared to having 3 or more cards equal to 21. It is usually 3:2 meaning a bet of $5 will win $7.50 instead of a break even payoff. If the dealer has 2 cards as well, if there is a tie or hand pushes, the amount you get is the same value. If the dealer has 21 but is again made of 3 cards or more, you get the 3:2 pay.

The setting

The table used for the game is arc-shaped. 7 players can play on the outside and the inner side is for the dealer. There is a rectangular placard and it tells the maximum and minimum bet on the table. It also tells the variations to the common rules of the game. It would say that the bet is from $5 up to $2000. depending on the rules of the table, the pairs can be split. If the deal resulted to more matching cards, the splitting can reach up to 3 times. A double down can also be done and you can receive one card for a total for two-card.

The cards

In most games, there are 4, 6 or 8 decks used for blackjack. After the cards have been shuffled, they are set in the shoe which is a receptacle for cards. The dealer can now slide the cards one after another. In Nevada, the most common games are the single and double-deck games. They are also popular along Mississippi. In other markets, this could be dealt from the hand of the dealer.

Playing the game

The game begins right after the players have placed their bets by stacking some chips on the betting square that is on the square at the table that is in front of you. Once the bets have been placed, they are given two cards by the dealer. For shoe games, the cards are given with the values showing and they are not permitted to touch their cards. For a single and double-deck game, the cards are given with the back side of the cards exposed. One of the cards of the dealers is face up for the players to see.