Card Values

The game of Blackjack is a fantastic game that appeals to players across the world. This is because Blackjack cards are a kind for casino games online that provides a number of features that are played on a special kind of card values.

Card values

In the conventional Blackjack game, the values that are assigned to the cards are different. In conventional or traditional card values, they are assigned in increasing value from high to low. Similar to the standard values of the card, we have 2 to 10 and the values are represented on the face values of the card.

The only difference is on the value of the picture cards. Normally, the values 11-14 are given to the Jack, Queen, King and Ace respectively. In this blackjack game, the Jack, Queen and King all have a value of 10.

The power of the Ace

The Ace is an important facet in the Blackjack cards casino game. This card is the only card that is assigned with a dual value. You can either choose from either 1 or 11. You can choose depending on the total on your hand. The player will bust if the total of the card at hand exceeds 21 in this game.

If you get the ace and the total value of cards on your hand is close to 21, the value of your Ace will automatically go to 1 to prevent busting. If it is not close to 21, the value increases to 11 to go near to 21. You can adjust the value of ace in order to win the game. If the hand does not have an ace or if the ace is valued as 1, this is what we call as "hard hand". If the ace is counted as 11, this is what we call as "soft hand."