Hi-Lo Count

Understanding the system

The hi-lo count used in blackjack is not just a system. This is the quintessential counting system in blackjack across the world. It is a simple system yet it is very useful. The cards on a deck were given particular values from minus one, zero and plus one. On a 52 card deck, the total is zero.

Harvey Dubner introduced the additional and subtraction system. This is the simple method of tracking the balance of the cards with high value n the table. This is also a known as the balanced system. In this case, the number that represents balanced is the zero. This is because zero balances the 52 cards on the deck. The cards with lover values such as 2 to 6 are given plus 1 the numbers 7 up to 9 are given 0. the rest including the ace are given minus 1.

This is just the start

Even if this system is just for beginners, any player even on advanced levels can benefit from this method. It makes them better and even smarter by using this system. If there is a higher count, that means there are higher card values in the deck. If there is a great number of cards on that deck, there is more chances of make the complex decisions seem easier for a smart player. A smart player will know the consequences using this counting method so that they can take advantage of the things that could happen.