Establishing the team

One of the oldest team of blackjack players, the MIT Blackjack team is a combination of students as well as past students of the top schools within the US like Harvard University, Harvard Business School as well as MIT. This is a team made up of highly educated and trained individuals that use all the possible techniques in beating blackjack tables as well as casinos.

There are a number of techniques that the team uses in order to win. They use card counting, shuffle tracking, whole carding as well as the others that they have developed. This team initially started out when a few MIT students went to a mini course in gambling known as How to Gamble if you Must. They learned card counting techniques and they applied them on blackjack.

The first trip

In 1979, the team went for their very first trip to Atlantic City casinos. This trip was not a successful one as they ended up losing all their money. After the trip, the team separated and took on different careers. However 2 of the original members stayed put and they learned better methods. They also got new investors as well as new players.

The two original members presented the mini course to the new students that are interested. The team was small and they only had $5000 but they were able to see some good profits even small in this run. The run was not really showing good grounding and a debate was happening whether the team should push through or not.

Meeting Mr. Kaplan

By the late 1980s, they met Bill Kaplan who was a very popular and successful player and he has a team in Vegas. He decided to work with them if they agreed to take this venture into a business style so the MIT blackjack team formed a bank made of investors as well as players. In a short while, they raised $89,000. They started playing blackjack by that time.