Famous Members

The A-team

A set of motivated students from MIT, they have the allure of winning real big money and developed a unique training system for blackjack. This was initially curiosity but it turned out to become a really lucrative business for the MIT students.

This all began in 1958 when Edward Thorp, a professor, had a fantastic intuition to beat the blackjack game. After numerous months of analysis as well as simulations, he formulated a unique strategy where the players can gain advantage of the game using card counting. By 1962, he revealed the system using the book Beat the Dealer. As soon as people learned that the game can be beat, many went to the tables to play the game and has become a popular game in casinos.

By 1994, after Beat the Dealer was initially published, another MIT team was recruited secretly to put a new method of blackjack theory developed. Using the past innovations and the modern training tools, the team went out to Vegas. This started out the run of the legendary MIT blackjack team.

This team already won millions and they took blackjack into fantastic heights. The team exploits were chronicled by Ben Mezrich. This book is known as Bringing down the House. This was the basis for the movie "21." the members of the team established the blackjack institute.

The founders

The co-founder of the institute is Mike Aponte as well as the main characters from the book, Bringing down the House, Jason Fisher. Mike's legendary career started in 1992 while studying at MIT. He was also the manager of one of the teams. He has contributed a lot to the success of the team. In 2004, he won the very first World Series of Blackjack. Learn more about Mike from his blog.

Another co-founder is Dav Irvine and he is also a member of the MIT Blackjack team. While studying at MIT, Mike recruited him and he honed his skills by playing in casinos across the nation. He also finished his Master's degree at Cornell for biological engineering as well as an MBA at Purdue. He also has an engineering consultation company.