Legendary Blackjack Casino MIT Team

Blackjack is a famous card game played by a player against a dealer. Blackjack team is a group of professional blackjack players that work together and perfect their technique. Talking about the history of blackjack card game it is impossible not to mention MIT Blackjack team. This is a legendary group of students that developed card counting system and had an aim to beat the house at blackjack.

MIT Blackjack Team History

Everything started in 1979 when several MIT students attended a course dedicated to the card counting "How to Gamble If You Must". They decided to practice their knowledge on practice. After years of practicing MIT blackjack team in 1980 started giving their own courses on card counting and continued winning money for more than 12 years.

MIT Blackjack Team Test

To enter blackjack team and gain their knowledge one had to pass the test. And only after this team members underwent training. Tests included all the real casino conditions.

Team Card Counting

It is highly developed winning technique, which is harder to detect then solo counting. That's why it takes years to casino to detect blackjack counting teams.

MIT Blackjack Team Standard

Methods of MIT blackjack team were ingenious and sly. Each participant of a group had his own role. Spotters sit at the table, put minimum bets and count cards. When starts positive score they signal gorillas. Gorillas start playing putting high bets. This team play system was very popular and had great success in 80-s-90-s.

Griffin Investigation

Griffin Investigations were hired to disclose MIT blackjack team. They spent more than 25 years on the development new techniques of gathering information to find card counters. In their Griffin Book they marked pictures, names, nicknames, phone numbers and addresses of players who won too much money too often. Till the end of 1990-s the Griffin Agency shut the MIT blackjack team down.