Terms & Conditions

Apart from the standard terms and conditions which have been laid down below, there are few terms and conditions which are to administer the special offers. Therefore it is essential for players to go through the promotional terms and conditions to avoid any disconnect.

These terms and conditions are laid down in various languages so that it could add up to the player's convenience. However only the English edition is the lawful basis among the player and casino. Therefore in case of any disconnects between non English and English edition, English edition must be followed.

1. When playing on the platform, (the casino), the player expressible admits that he/she has gone through the terms and conditions and completely agree with it.

2. Being regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, it is liable to follow Maltese law.

3. To be a part of the activities and games being offered at casino, one must be a dweller of an authority where being a part to such activities is authorized. Being a part of Casino is completely the discretion of the player and thus the player's use of the site must be solely his/her responsibility.

4. Use of the site is restricted to the lawful age of the players and thus one must check on the jurisdiction where one resides. However under no circumstances the player must be below eighteen years of age.

5. The Casino will have the privileges to check on the individuality or identity and age. The Casino could also verify one's identity when gambling on plays.

6. Playing Casino games involves both monetary and non monitory activities thus the player has wide options of either investing finance or not. Playing games involving finance will be on the players peril and thus the player accepts that the play or Casino is not unpleasant, intolerable, unjust or indecent.

7. Playing Casino games is solely for individual interest and is for non commercial use. Any other approach of accessing or using Casino is strictly forbidden.

8. The Casino has got comprehensive privileges to decline registration request or to deregister and cancel any account without any cause at any time without notifying the player. The funds in the players account will be reverted back depending on the casino's payment method.

9. The Player accepts that the Casino is not compelled to notify and explain the cause to the player via a written notice before declining, de registering or canceling the players account.