Zen Count

Advanced system: Zen

There is something special about Zen Count System. If you know a thing or two about card counting and its benefits when you play blackjack, you reached a very good resource. However, this is an advanced counting system. This is not meant for beginners. You will get fantastic results if you first work with simple counting systems like the Hi-Lo.

You can then ease to more complex systems like Zen counting once you have mastered the basics. This is like graduating from simple algebra to trigonometry or calculus. Zen is more complex mathematics.

The Zen Count concept

This system is not an assurance of success in your game. This Zen system does not provide quick wins and perfect wins all the time. This will not make you rich as well. Zen system serves as a gauge to understand the condition of the deck that the dealer is handling. Using this system, you can gain an insight about possible periods within the game and know when you might get some high value cards. You can also get a spot when the good cards are already showing.

How Zen Count Works

The system works similarly to a Hi-Lo system. There is a deck that is separated in a number of groups. On each group, there is a point count assignment. Within the game, while you see the instances, you add the value to create a total that you just keep to your head while playing the game.

  • The numbers 2, 3 and 7 is plus 1. You have to add 1 point to the total if you see them.
  • and 6 will add 2. 8 and 9 do not have any value. When you reach 10 up to the royals, you minus 2 points from the total.
  • The ace is equal to negative 1.

You start from zero and then you maintain the number that is running. If the value is big, this means that cards with high values are present. If the value lowers, the bets should also go lower.

Once you have become comfortable with it, and the simpler systems, you should try the other systems just like the Omega II and the Uston.